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Rock n Roll Bride | The ultimate guide for alternative bride

Rock n Roll Bride | The ultimate guide for alternative bride

Author: Kat Williams

With stunning visual inspiration and refreshingly honest advice, this book from the bridal magazine and blog with the cult following, is here to help alternative brides pull off the wildest wedding of their dreams.

What if you can’t find your face in the sea of lookalike brides? Perhaps you are arguing with family over your ”wacky” wedding ideas? Wondering how to reconcile tradition with modern-day feminist values? Or simply wondering where the hell to start? Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride, the book, is here to help. Featuring an array of inspirational photography from both real-life weddings and aspirational editorials to get your creative juices flowing, from gothic to bohemian, rockabilly to unicorn rainbow princess, you’ll see unique individuals, rocking their wedding day just the way they want to. Founder of Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride, Kat Williams, offers information on all aspects of organizing a wedding, as well as refreshingly honest advice, answering those difficult questions on every modern bride’s mind—from family politics to dealing with anxiety on your wedding day. Being a Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride is not about being cool, a rebel, or even thinking of the most unique idea you can. It’s about planning a day that reflects you and your partner and allows you to be you. Your wedding, your rules!

Kat Williams is the founder and editor-in-chief of Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride, a print magazine and blog dedicated to inspiring alternative babes to have the wedding of their wildest dreams. Kat believes in being yourself, standing out and being happy to be seen as weird. She believes in rainbow hair, sparkly manicures, and always being the brightest in the room. She lives in the UK with her husband Gareth, two enormous Maine Coons and a secret pet unicorn. This is Kat’s first book.

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Publisher:Ryland Peters & Small
Publish Date:Jan. 8 2019
Edition:Illustrated edition
Author:Kat Williams
Amazon Breadcrumb:Social & Family Issues

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