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Raw Agni Manatite

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Agni manitite is a protective and grounding stone that creates a barrier around you to allow you to stride forward with confidence.

The energy of this tektite encourages spiritual awakening and transformation by exposing what needs to change — pushing you to pursue your optimum state. This stone also stimulates kundalini energy and reminds you that anything is possible when you are spiritually linked.

The agni manitite is a stone of leadership. It encourages you to take charge in the extramarital area and in your life. Agni manitite raises your imaginations and daringness to new heights. It promotes social interaction, positivity, and inner power as well.

Agni manitite activates your creativity and stimulates manifestation of what truly makes you happy and pleased. Use this stone to feel godly empowered at work.

Some people believe that Agni Manitite has crystal healing properties and can help with fertility. Agni Manitite is a beautiful gem, but it is also very fragile. It should be handled with care.

The properties of agni manitite are still being studied, but it is said to be a powerful talisman with mystical properties.

It is said that in the presence of any individual, its strength is enhanced. There are very few harmful effects of Agni Manitite on a human being, making it accessible to anybody and everyone who wishes to utilize it.

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