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Pandemonium: Live to All Devices

Pandemonium: Live to All Devices

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IN PANDEMONIUM: Live To All Devices, set about twenty years in the future, a U.S. president seizes total control of all U.S. missiles, the power grid, the banking system, and every computer-like device in America, as he hides in a nuke-proof bunker while a robot version of himself sits in the Oval Office. In this not-too-distant future, robots have passed the Turing test—we can't tell them from human beings any more. Artificial Reality has become a commonplace part of life around the world. Hidden Internets claim that the major superpowers have psychic agents. We discover that psychic agents really exist, and we come to know five psychic agents who are somehow connected. Four of them are on the U.S. team and one of them is on the Russian team.

Ed Templegard never knew he had psychic powers until he took on the assignment to spy on the U.S. paramilitary psychic team, Theta Force. Seventeen-year-old Nastassia Slayevsky is the most powerful psychic on the Russian psychic team, Psychotronic Division One. She is assigned to kill Templegard. The soon-to-be decommissioned Theta Force redeems itself by discovering that Nazis still exist as an organized force, having gone underground after World War Two. Running parallel with geopolitical tensions, a tyrannical U.S. president, Nazis, enemy psychic agents, and a new powerful terrorist called Perse, who seemingly came out of nowhere to take over Iran, mind-bending and ubiquitous new media add to the strain on human minds and emotions.

In this fast-moving thriller, a heady amalgam of hidden war, psychics, Nazis, aliens, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and transcendental love takes place against a backdrop wherein the latest media technology enables sudden seismic changes in world politics. The author has been lauded as a visionary of the changing mediascape over the last 35 years—in addition to his credible predictions, he is credited with making some of those changes happen. Bill Harvey has been compared to Aldous Huxley, picking up where Huxley left off in unraveling the "Perennial Philosophy" held by the Founding Fathers of America and sages over millennia—the notion that, under the mixture of superstition and inspiration we call religion, there is hidden scientific truth. Bill Harvey is also the author of MIND MAGIC, hailed "an underground classic": "Highly recommended... will loosen your moorings and open you to creative vistas."—Dr. Daniel Goleman, author of EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.

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