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Our Magnificent Afterlife | Beyond Our Fondest Dreams

Our Magnificent Afterlife | Beyond Our Fondest Dreams

Author: C. David Lundberg, Timothy Joseph Connor, Gretchen A. Lundberg, Linda Locke, Tom Miller

A groundbreaking, thorough overview of the afterlife.

Excerpts from dozens of sources that include many from souls who live there (via telepathic reports). Its 55 chapters include what souls do with their time; how souls initially arrive, the incredible beauty in the various environments, judgment, mindpower and telepathy, our spiritual bodies, cities, government, recreation, the logic of it all, the scope of Heaven, Summerland, Purgatory, the buildings, soul groups, religion, the encompassing love, the numerous joys, and more. Essential for spiritual seekers.

“Our Magnificent Afterlife: Beyond Our Fondest Dreams” goes well beyond most books on the subject. Although the numerous books about near-death experience contain important information, there is more to learn about the afterlife than just reading about an individual’s near-death experience. Today, spiritual seekers want and need as complete a picture as possible. This work not only draws from some of the most reliable near-death experiences, but from numerous souls who live there, through reliable telepathic reporting.

Dozens of sources are included in this study which incorporates over 170 quotations, primarily from souls living in the afterlife. C. David Lundberg is a lifelong spiritual researcher who first witnessed Heaven’s Light at age 20. His award-winning previous book, “Unifying Truths of the World’s Religions,” established 33 principles shared by all world traditions, confirmed by over 850 quotations from their sacred texts. His work has received praise from university professors and spiritual leaders. His mission became to “discover and share the best and most reliable descriptions about the afterlife and the best explanations for how it all works.”

Learn about the beauty, love and logic of the brilliant life to come, our Creator’s grand design—a future beyond our fondest dreams. Readers will come away with an empowering sense of courage, comfort, peace and joyful anticipation. Enjoy the benefits of lessening or eliminating the fear of death, or grief over a loved one.


  • We are spirits, temporarily inhabiting a physical form.
  • What we do now, in our current lifetime, has tremendous value for our afterlife experience. 
  • Souls who learn about the afterlife get re-invigorated to finish their earth lives with greater enthusiasm, joy and spirituality.
  • Your transition ("death") will be easier.
  • You will arrive at a higher, more beautiful afterlife level.

We are living in a critical time, and need all possible help. It is time to learn the facts about our future. This work is an essential resource for embracing our spiritual destiny.

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Publisher:Heavenlight Press
Publish Date:June 7 2019
Author:C. David Lundberg, Timothy Joseph Connor, Gretchen A. Lundberg, Linda Locke, Tom Miller

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