My Time Among the Whites | Notes from an Unfinished Education

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From the author of Make Your Home Among Strangers comes a collection of essays on feeling like an "accidental" American and the tectonic edges of identity in a society centered on whiteness. What does it mean to find yourself a stranger in the country where you were born? Raised in Miami, the daughter of Cuban refugees whose aspirations for their child began with a plan to name her after a Miss America pageant winner, Jennine Capo Crucet grew up in a nation designed to exclude. In dispatches that range from a rodeo town in Nebraska to the Ivy League and Disney World, the critically acclaimed Latinx writer and first-generation American explores the political and personal contours of her Americanness, as she experiences it, and as it is constructed by others. Wry, candid, and fearless, My Time Among the Whites captures the sometimes hopeful yet deeply flawed ways in which many Americans have learned to adapt, exist, and-in the face of all signals showing otherwise-even thrive in a country that never imagined them here.

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