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My Only Love, Framed in Flowers

My Only Love, Framed in Flowers

Author: J. B. Hurr

The hubris of humans can be almost laughable. Their frail bodies and limited minds are ridiculous. Their perception of their universe is so very narrow. A minuscule few, however, are able to perceive just a bit more than most. Still, they have no concept of the nature of the consciousness and its morphology, let alone the mechanics of the interconnected dimensions we know as the multiverse, which is but an insignificant component of “the source”. One human, known to us, who is in denial of her latent awareness, is quickly having the scales removed from her delicate eyes, and what she's finding is almost incomprehensible in its scope and staggering in its depth of mystery. “My Only Love, Framed In Flowers” follows Eleanore Case, a generation-x literature professor, who awakens her latent psychic awareness, after a violent brush with her own mortality. She discovers an intricate network of countless hidden realms interconnected with our own, completely imperceptible to all but an aware few. Set in sunny, sub-tropical, and seemingly tranquil Winter Park, Florida, the intriguing story of violence, survival, perseverance, paranormal phenomena, intrigue, and mystery takes the reader on a surreal, metaphysical journey through multiple planes of consciousness and existence that ultimately reveal a shocking fate for the entire human race.

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Publisher:CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publish Date:Sept. 9 2011
Author:J. B. Hurr

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