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Metatron | Invoking the Angel of Gods Presence

Metatron | Invoking the Angel of Gods Presence

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With Metatron in your corner, you're only a petition away from a better life.

Rose Vanden Eynden may be the first to devote an entire book to this powerful celestial being―revealing his unique place in the angelic realm and demonstrating how to connect with this wise and compassionate archangel. Metatron's close proximity to the Creator and connection to humanity make him the ideal angelic ally.

Representing balance and unity, this angelic force can help in all areas of personal development. You'll also discover how to contact the "Angel of the Presence" through meditation, dreamwork, ritual, and inspirational writing. There are specific ceremonies for building a closer relationship with the Creator, healing on a global scale, balancing masculine and feminine energies, material/spiritual pursuits, and karmic issues.

Also featured is an insightful "Q and A" with Metatron, channeled by the author to answer compelling questions on life, death, faith, and spirit.

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