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Marvelous Mermaids

Marvelous Mermaids

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Internationally known illustrator and bestselling author Jane Davenport takes artists on a journey through the mysterious world of mermaids, explaining everything from accurately drawing the figure to creating convincing habitats with mixed-media techniques.

Make a magical mermaid splash! Following her bestselling 
I [Heart] Drawing: Fabulous Figures, Jane Davenport dives deep into the ocean to explore the wondrous world of mermaids. She shows how to draw and paint these sensuous sirens, with their perfectly proportioned figures, shimmering scales, and all. Jane's evocative instruction touches on every aspect of this fantasy realm:
  • Oceans of Color: Paint beautiful backgrounds in which your mermaids can dwell.
  • Go with the Flow: Convincingly draw these sinuous creatures in undulating poses.
  • Mermaid Hair Don’t Care: Paint the flowing tresses that are every mermaid's trademark.
  • Keep Urchin Up: Depict mesmerizing facial features.
Jane also provides unique suggestions for making an "upscale" mermaid art journal, gives a month's worth of creative prompts for Mer-May (or any day), and offers ideas for stunning collages.

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