Loving Through Thick and Thin | Essentials for a Healthy, Thriving, and Sex-Filled Relationship

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Maintaining a healthy relationship takes commitment. You must commit to the hard work, just like you would in a job or with parenting. Talk-show host and actress Debra Foxx uses her own life and long-lasting relationship to give you tips on how to make it work.

Loving Through Thick and Thin is just that—a book on how to live through the various obstacles that come with long-lasting love. Foxx shares her experiences, which include dealing with loss, keeping love hot and steamy, and appreciating the small things in a relationship

Foxx knows of what she writes, having been with the same person for twenty-three years, while maintaining a happy, healthy, and thriving relationship—through thick and thin. She learned relationships aren’t always fairy tales. They take hard work. She shares her own trials and tribulations so others can learn from them and be inspired to do that hard work.

Loving someone takes action, as Foxx would tell you. It isn’t a passive process. You must constantly be doing something if you hope for that love to survive. If you put in the work, it will pay off in the end. That's the message shared in Loving Through Thick and Thin.

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