Lodolite Black Phantom Quartz Chunk

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These crystals stand around 3" tall and weigh about an average of 5 ounces. They depict a beautiful array of plumes of black, maroon, and mossy green within a clear quartz, symbolizing the intermingling of the shadow self merging with ones soul.

Properties: Releasing negativity, growth, unveiling shadow self, reclaiming energy, courage, resolve, and increasing self awareness. 
Element: Storm
Chakras: All

Lodolite, also known as Phantom Quartz or Garden Quartz, is a crystal that is all about personal growth. It's an incredible crystal for seeing one’s personal shadow and welcoming it. Shadow selves are extremely important to unearth from our subconscious, as to deny them only means denying ourselves and sapping our own energy. Bringing our shadow selves to light is invaluable as it allows us to reclaim our energy, increase our self awareness, and allow ourselves to find self compassion.

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