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Jed McKenna's Theory of Everything | The Enlightened Perspective

Jed McKenna's Theory of Everything | The Enlightened Perspective

Author: Jed Mckenna

We are programmed from birth to believe that our existence is an unsolvable riddle, but if we make an honest effort, we discover that mystery itself is the riddle. Not just what is the big mystery, but why is there any mystery at all? And what if there isn't? What if the Mysterium Tremendum is just an internal belief without any external counterpart? What if the answers to life's biggest questions were all hidden in plain sight?          "If man will strike, strike through the mask! How can the prisoner             reach outside except by thrusting through the wall?" -Herman Melville     Those interested in striking through the mask will welcome a theory of everything that makes sense, doesn't rely on religious or scientific chicanery, and can be easily understood. And those familiar with Jed McKenna and the Enlightenment Trilogy will know that it's not just a theory.

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Publisher:Wisefool Press
Publish Date:May 10 2013
Edition:Illustrated edition
Author:Jed Mckenna

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