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Japanese Cypress - Handcrafted Wood Diffuser

Japanese Cypress - Handcrafted Wood Diffuser

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Native to Japan in East Asia, the hinoki cypress has been long cherished for its subtle and crisp scent of fresh lemon, and ornamental qualities. The delicate pale yellow of the wood adds a touch of light to your décor. Each of our seamless diffuser is handcrafted by a skilled artisan from a single block of fine wood. It absorbs essential oils and naturally disperses the aroma to provide a serene environment. No cords, plugs, or electricity is needed for use. Best for bedroom and workspace, simply add 4 - 6 drops of your choice of pure essential oil on the top platform for 6 hours of vivid aroma. To avoid commingling, wait 72 hours for scent of one essential oil to completely dissipate before adding a different scent. Due to the unprocessed nature of the wood, natural wood resin may appear over time but does not affect functionality of the diffuser. Sourced from Japan. Assembled in China.

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