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If You're Freaking Out, Read This | A Coping Workbook for Building Good Habits, Behaviors, and Hope For the Future

If You're Freaking Out, Read This | A Coping Workbook for Building Good Habits, Behaviors, and Hope For the Future

Author: Simone Deangelis, Phd Lpc-S Acs Acn Faith G. Harper

Is everything terrible? Is your life going to shit and your brain's convinced you that you're utterly screwed? Have you found yourself in a dark place with no way out? Are you having trouble holding onto reality and getting out of the dumps? All of the above? Sounds like you're freaking out. Simone has been there. During her hardest days, she made herself a book to remind her, page by page, exactly what to do to get herself out of danger. She shares her template here so that you can create your own guide suited to your needs, along with pages and pages of workbook exercises to help. She also shares the vital skills and affirmations that she's learned over the years for managing her mental health and remembering her reasons to live. Even if you can't afford a therapist or hospital stay and the people around you are anything but helpful, you can still use those same tools to get better. It can be difficult sometimes to acknowledge to yourself that you're worth it. It might be downright unbearable. But you know what? You're so WORTH IT! And this book is here to help you realize it.

Simone DeAngelis was born and raised in Austin, Texas, where she lives with her two dogs. In 2012, she entered intense psychiatric care, where she took the tools she learned and made them her own, and made the decision to stay alive. She has developed a deep knowledge and passion for skills that help in navigating the sometimes rocky waters of life. After earning her bachelor's degree in education, she began applying her experience as a patient to her experience as a teacher. She uses her teaching and coping skills to assist others during life's monotony and chaos. Sharing these skills with others has become a piece in the foundation of her life's purpose.

Faith G. Harper, PhD, LPC-S, ACS, ACN is a bad-ass, funny lady with a PhD. She's a licensed professional counselor, board supervisor, certified sexologist, and applied clinical nutritionist with a private practice and consulting business in San Antonio, TX. She has been an adjunct professor and a TEDx presenter, and proudly identifies as a woman of color and uppity intersectional feminist. She is the author of the book Unf*ck Your Brain and many other popular zines and books on subjects such as anxiety, depression, and grief. She is available as a public speaker and for corporate and clinical trainings.


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Publisher:Microcosm Publishing
Publish Date:Jan. 14 2020
Author:Simone Deangelis, Phd Lpc-S Acs Acn Faith G. Harper
Amazon Breadcrumb:Personal Health

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