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I Clitoris

I Clitoris

Author: clitoris has written a book! Excuse me? Your what has done what? And what's it called? I Clitoris. Are you kidding?The autobiography of a woman's sexual organ. Who would even think of reading something so weird? Let alone writing it! Well, remember 'Vagina Monologues'? Remember how liberating it was to listen to all those women talk about their vaginas? This is different. It's a kind sexual re-education for women: The kind of education that can only come from the clitoris because only the clitoris knows what it's like to be "...the only organ in all biology whose sole purpose is pleasure..." I Clitoris will help you to empower yourself - not necessarily as the love goddess of the millennium, but as a real woman. One who knows her sexual self enough to share herself with dignity, passion and intelligence - but only when she chooses.If you are a mother wondering how to talk sensitively to your daughter about teen pregnancy and sexual desire and how confusing it is to feel all that stuff let alone talk about it you probably want to first read this yourself - and then share it with her.If you are a woman recovering from sexual abuse in a world where female violation is globally rampant and has been for centuries, you will get some unique and profound (not to mention fun and pleasurable) techniques for starting the process of healing yourself enough that you can enjoy healthy intimate relationships again - or maybe for the first time ever. (Spoiler alert: True sexual healing is not about talking)If you are a guy wondering what is going on in the opposite sex apart from what you thought you had found out from online porn, this book will offer you some very different insights about what it might be like to be a woman.I Clitoris will make you reconsider what lies between your thighs - in ways mostly sacred and sometimes playfully profane. It offers you a chance to see yourself in a whole new way.Oh - and it is written as a kind of poem, hand illustrated and totally unlike any sex education book you ever even dreamed of.Definitely weird!
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