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This book is about you, getting to know yourself for who you really are and learning how to see all the good there is for you already in place. It is an invitation to look at yourself and your life and see all the wonder and magnificence. Are you ready? Is your life ready for a MAJOR CHANGE?? At last, a readable semi-autobiographical book outlining ‘religious science based life plans’ in the areas of HEALTH, WEALTH, CAREER, RELATIONS and more! DePalma bares her soul to reveal how she climbed out of the ‘dark’ valley into a life filled with glowing success. READ THIS BOOK ---and start your own climb---you can do it too! Walter J. Peach, Ph.D., Religious Science Practitioner (retired) If you would like to improve the quality of your life, then this book will guide you down the path of “self discovery” showing you step by step how to achieve the life that you want. Exposing her vulnerability and sharing with you how she transformed her life is a genuine blessing to every reader. You will surely relate too many of her life challenges, how she moved through them and how you can too. The book includes numerous tools and exercises that you can use to speed up your transformation. I highly recommend that you take up Cath’s challenge. Go ahead and say it, “I’ll show you!” Bruce I. Doyle, Ph.D. Former GE Executive, President of Growth Dynamics Coaching.

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