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How to Starve Cancer: Without Starving Yourself

How to Starve Cancer: Without Starving Yourself

Author: Jane Mclelland

An international publishing sensation. This page-turning inspirational read is updated with a new 'Metro Map', Jane's unique and revolutionary route map to starving cancer. A glossary and index will also be included. Written in two sections, in Part 1 Jane intertwines her remarkable life story of 'terminal cancer' to full recovery, describing how she discovered a unique cocktail of off label drugs (drugs usually prescribed for other conditions) and supplements that effectively starve the cancer stem cell, the cell left behind by conventional treatment.

Treatment for the stem cell is hailed as the Holy Grail, so this book plugs the missing piece into why we do not have a cure for cancer. Lead cancer researchers at top oncology centers are now using this book as a guide and Jane has a huge following of tens of thousands on Facebook. Testimonials abound from happy and delighted recovered patients and from oncologists who use her methods. National press, TV and radio have already covered Jane's ground-breaking research. Much more is in the pipeline with two documentaries and a possible movie in the future. Jane won the 'Amazing Women Global' Lifetime Achievement 2019 and the New York Big Book Award 2019

Spiral Circle does not claim the effects of this book can actually starve or prevent cancer, only to provide a possible resource for those battling cancer.

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Publisher:Agenor Publishing
Publish Date:Sept. 25 2018
Edition:Illustrated edition
Author:Jane Mclelland

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