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Godwins Cabalistic Encyclopedia

Godwins Cabalistic Encyclopedia

Author: David Godwin

One of the most trusted reference works ever published on the Cabala, now available in a deluxe hardcover edition, , This book is a complete guide to Cabalistic magic in which every demon, angel, power, and name of God―every sephirah, path, and plane of the Tree of Life―and each attribute and association is fully described and cross-indexed by the Hebrew, English, and numerical forms. An invaluable reference tool for all Cabalists, pathworkers, magicians, and scholars, Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia explores the most important terms from the Hebrew language, Freemasonry, the Cthulhu mythos, the Aurum Solis, and much more. The Many Names of GodThe AngelsThe Spirits of the GoetiaThe Shem ha-MephorashThe Correspondences of the 32 PathsThe Sinister Tunnels of SetA Guide to Hebrew PronunciationA Complete Edition of Aleister Crowley's Sepher SephirothTerms of FreemasonryEntities of the Cthulhu MythosAurum Solis SpellingsIntelligences of The 32 Paths of Wisdom, , The classic resource for magicians, scholars, and Cabalists, , With listings for every possible Cabalistic and gematria association, aspect, correspondence, and application, this one book is absolutely vital for the complete understanding of western mysticism and cabala. Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia includes such essentials as all of the two-letter root words found in Biblical Hebrew, the astrological signs, and every demon, angel, power, sephiroth, path, and plane of the Tree of Life. Each attribute and association is fully described and cross-indexed by the Hebrew, English, and numerical forms with basic meanings and enumerations of the hundreds of terms, words, and names you need to reference as you wind your way through cabalistic magic and gematria.

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Publisher:Llewellyn Publications
Publish Date:Sept. 8 2017
Edition:Enlarged, Revised edition
Author:David Godwin
Amazon Breadcrumb:Judaism

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