From Fear to Eternity: A Path to Peace

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“From Fear to Eternity: A Path to Peace” is a call for PEACE and Unity in a world dominated by FEAR and divided by judgment. This book will enlighten readers by carefully threading a progression of Universal Truths, reflected in Nature, to expose the origin of all fear. The book uses this revelation as a path to resolve conflict and restore peace. Our alliance with peace is broken when we allow ourselves to forget the simple truth that we are much more than physical entities. We are rather, in essence, Spiritual Beings experiencing our lives in a physical world. As such, we are connected on a level that transcends the notion of division. It is the illusion of separation that has sabotaged Humanity from seeking a common ground and attaining peace. The shattering of this delusion will change the world forever! The author is committed to bringing TRUTH to the forefront of our awareness by appealing to every human's innate desire to achieve peace through Love. "From Fear to Eternity" represents an invitation to join this quest, as it unites Universal Truths with modern science to clearly show we are indeed capable of manifesting this destiny.

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