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Four Little Witches

Four Little Witches

Author: T J Perkins, Eimi Pinero

Friends forever in work or play, four tiny elemental witches—Fiona, Gale, Marrie, and Blaze—help the Earth thrive using their own special powers for nurturing the planet. But when disaster strikes, they must come together to protect the Earth, helping to heal its hurts and to keep it alive. The child in all of us can enjoy this playful way to learn about the elements—earth, air, water, and fire—and how they help us, for without the elements, we would not exist.

For ages 0-6.
Author: Perkins, T. J. - Pinero, Eimi.
Number of pages: 40.

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Publisher:Schiffer Publishing
Publish Date:April 28 2015
Edition:Illustrated edition
Author:T J Perkins, Eimi Pinero

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