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Foretell the Future with the I Ching and My Calendar of Days

Foretell the Future with the I Ching and My Calendar of Days

Author: James C Byrd

It’s not very much, but having that slight advantage over the elapse of time as we will in deed, be moving forward, this slight advantage could in many ways make life that much easier for you. With that thought comes the advent of my book and its perpetual calendar, this book will help you understand many of the upcoming days, and hopefully help to generate less stress as to what a certain day in the present and or futures, will be about, to some extent. It's called, "Foretell the Future with the I Ching and My Calendar of Days". With this book, you will learn within a short period of time about the origin of the I Ching, and as well as gain some insight into how the I Ching came to influence me to create a perpetual calendar. An old man once told me to go and check a book out of the library and read it, I went one step further as a dowser, I asked what was the most important item in my house at the time as I scanned each room while dowsing, the indicator was that book I had borrowed from the public library, The I Ching, that was back in 1976 I believe, if my memory serves me right. Enough said about dowsing, forget about that.

My calendar is based on the 64 hexagrams, with the kicker being, the calendar serves as a window into the future and the past, but more importantly, the present scheme of things. The calendar can be used to gain insight into the scheme of past and future events, that way you can self check its accuracy as it might reflect parallels to its references in your life.

My main passionate observance with this calendar, one knows when to fast. Also, as stated with hexagram 36, one should fast for three days, and play close attention to three days before, and three days after peak-ness, start fast at peak-ness. I usually take raw, fresh fruit juice for three days after peak-ness or starting on the day of hexagram 36. In any event, I think that a person needs to fast at least once a week, juice fast, that is. And I will not question why my calendar says four times a year. In all cases, ask your doctor first before applying this method. It is very enlightening to know when to fast, and also knowing when to abstain from a full load of activities, settle back and absorb change. I usually take a vacation from my full load of activities for about three to seven days. This helps me to somewhat purge some, if not all, poisonous thoughts and other health impediments from my system, and this slowing process also helps to keep me out of harm's way as well, because as I do know, given the nature of hexagram thirty-six and the time factor, it does mean Injury in some retrospect. Knowing that, I know not to take any undue chances. Again, this is all due to a general tendency that my calendar presents. Now about hexagram 63, I would like to impart upon you that hexagram 63 as indicated in the I Ching itself, is not necessarily an ending, in a sense it's the advent of a better foot hole as one climes the mountain of substantiality, so to speak. That's today, Oct. 2, 2014 (63)

Once again, try this, look up some great person's birthday and you will be a surprise. A hint..., the greatest person you might know, be it a political leader, or that of your religious leader.

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Publisher:Independently published
Publish Date:Aug. 13 2007
Author:James C Byrd

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