Finding Jill: How I Rebuilt My Life after Losing the Five People I Loved Most

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Jill Kraft Thompson had a life filled with love: an adoring husband, two young precious sons, a devoted mother, and a close extended family. Jill's story begins as everyone's worst nightmare. In 2002 she lost five close family members in a car crash that she survived. Her beloved young sons, husband, mother and niece were gone. In telling her tale, Jill pulls no punches. She describes how she endured raw grief, rage, despondency, and eventually, attempted suicide. The reader travels with her as she slowly and painfully learns to move forward while still honoring the family she lost, as she finds the strength to continue living, and finally as she musters the courage to risk romance, marriage and motherhood again. Quite simply this is a true tale of the triumph of love and hope over unspeakable tragedy.

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