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Farmland Festivities Cotton Napthal Water Bottle Totin' Bag

Farmland Festivities Cotton Napthal Water Bottle Totin' Bag

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Farmland festivities cotton napthal water bottle totin' bag. Lovingly hand crafted in the magical nation of india. This happenin' hip hydratin' helpin' bag features a dazzling array of vivid colors & patterns dyed in the napthal tradition! You can sip in style & then tote yer h2o vessel hands free to the next watering hole! Grab one up and you are all set to head out on that golden road to the next tour or festival like all good, shaky knees or suwannee. Drink up with peace love & happiness!!! Colors: blue or maroon background with assorted patterns. You're getting a "wearable work of art" & variety is an intended part of each item's beauty. Most gypsy rose products are hand made by humans, not by robots mass produced in some huge factory, so most items are unique, just like you, & it is not possible for us to change pictures every time one is purchased. We recommend that you request two color choices to insure prompt delivery.

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