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Existence | Studies From the Dramatic Universe

Existence | Studies From the Dramatic Universe

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EXISTENCE IS ALL THAT CAN BE KNOWN but it is not all that is real. In The Dramatic Universe Bennett created a framework for thinking about how the universe could exist while permitting real freedom and intelligence to make a difference. One of his major steps was to insist on the significant reality of the non-existent. Existence is as it were riddled with holes ¬ without which evolution, consciousness and will could not even be experienced., , Embracing physics and theology this volume explores the nature and limits of existence and how higher, unconditioned or spiritual influences can reach us through the veil of limitation., , Bennett concludes that the conditioned world does give evidence of the unconditioned, not as a separate reality out of communication with this world but as the source of operations of a kind that cannot be accounted for within existence and would be both meaningless and impossible without hazard., , Bennett's ideas belong to the new age. In one of his diaries he once wrote:Great ideas are being revealed through me and I must not care what happens to them. Whatever our mental powers and training, which are largely just a matter of our functions, each and every one of us can come to see something of the truth expressed in these ideas. Anthony Blake, , THIS EDITION CONTAINS NEW MATERIAL. A foreword essay by Anthony Blake; a new chapter, The Dimensional Framework of the Natural Sciences; an index of names and special words., , Existence is No. 2 in the series, Studies from The Dramatic Universe:, 1. Hazard: The Risk of Realization, 2. Existence, 3. Creation

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