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Exhausted | How to Revitalize, Restore, and Renew Your Energy

Exhausted | How to Revitalize, Restore, and Renew Your Energy

Author: Nick Polizzi, Pedram Shojai

Bucking the common adage that time is outside our hands, New York Times best-selling author Pedram Shojai has developed a clear plan for maximizing the hours in your day in accordance with what's important to your health, family, career, passions, and desires. Shojai has refined his framework through over 15 years of coaching experience and identifying the key elements of scientifically proven practices. You will learn how to tend your Life Garden" in a 100-day plan to: Take control of how you trade your energy and money for time Manage your expectations for the time now versus the time to come. Allocate the time you have in order to get more. Increase your body's "energy budget" to live your fullest life, and Find the balance between doing versus being. With detailed guidance and helpful exercises, you will be able to develop a personalized plan for time management, understand its mechanisms so that you can stick to it, and allow your life's profound meaning and growth to come to the forefront and thrive with abundance"--

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Publisher:Hay House Inc.
Publish Date:Sept. 8 2020
Author:Nick Polizzi, Pedram Shojai

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