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Everything Guide to Codependency | Learn to recognize and change codependent behavior

Everything Guide to Codependency | Learn to recognize and change codependent behavior

Author: Jennifer Sowle
Break free of codependency and embrace your true self!

Are you codependent? Do you make other people's problems your own? Do you find it hard to set boundaries and take care of your own needs? In this reassuring guide, Dr. Jennifer Sowle helps you learn how to identify your own destructive behavior, regain self-esteem, and set healthy boundaries in all types of relationships. Inside, you'll learn how to move beyond codependency by:
  • Discovering patterns in yourself and others.
  • Developing noncodependent language and communication skills.
  • Learning to journal and practice new skills at home.
  • Engaging your partner in change.
  • Breaking the spell of codependency and discovering the real you.

With The Everything Guide to Codependency, you can break the cycle of codependency and enabling. Dr. Sowle offers expert advice and practical techniques to help transform codependent relationships into healthy, fulfilling ones.

Jennifer J. Sowle has been a licensed clinical psychologist for more than thirty years. She teaches workshops and seminars that deal with codependency, including anger management, anxiety, depression, and addiction. She writes regularly on her blog, Here to Listen, and her writing has been featured on Ms. Sowle lives in Traverse City, MI.

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Publish Date:July 18 2014
Author:Jennifer Sowle
Amazon Breadcrumb:Psychology & Counseling

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