Engraved Selenite Palmstone | Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen | Reiki Symbol

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These selenite palmstones have a Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Reiki Symbol engraved on one side. Approximately 2 x 2.5 inches.

Selenite crystals work to help you to bring light down from the higher realms into the physical body, to create personal transformation. The white or transparent crystals have a strong vibration that may open the crown chakra and the soul star chakra.

Selenite is a form of gypsum. It’s traditionally clear but can be grey, white, or golden brown. It’s a considerably powerful crystal that does not need to be recharged. It's incredibly helpful to open and activate chakras, cleanse and charge your other crystals, as well as building energy grids in spaces one wishes to protect and purify. It builds energy bridges and clears blockages as well.

Properties: Spiritual Activation, Divine Communion, Clearing Negative Energies

Chakra: Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th), Transpersonal and Etheric (8th-14th)

Element: Wind

    Hon sha ze sho nen: The distance symbol.
    The concept of hon sha ze sho nen is a bit more difficult to grasp than some of the other Reiki symbols, but not tremendously so. The meaning of hon sha ze sho nen is "having no present, past, or future," and it's used to send Reiki energy across time and space. For example, although hon sha ze sho nen can't change the past, it can help heal old wounds by reframing the experience and turning it into a learning experience rather than simply a devastating event that has no rhyme or reason. Hon sha ze sho nen can also help Reiki practitioners send Reiki into the future, ahead of events that could bring bad news, such as exams, doctor's appointments, or difficult conversation with loved ones.

    How to use hon sha ze sho nen.
    While hon sha ze sho nen is considered one of the most powerful symbols, it has to be used correctly for it to work. The distance Reiki symbol works better when it's used on the subtle body rather than the physical body, and it's suggested by Reiki experts that this symbol be called upon on a day-to-day basis in order to effectively encourage past and future healing in the body.

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