Empath | Survival and Healing Guide for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People to Shield Yourself From Negative Energies, Manage Your Empathy and Develop Your Gift

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If You Want to Learn How to Manage your Empathy and Develop Your Gift, then Keep Reading

The truth is… we all feel some kind of empathy towards others. But if you have no control over your empathy and always have the obsession of fixing other people, then you know how painfully frustrating being an empath is.

Empaths are usually overwhelmed by other people’s emotions, they feel what others feel and are able to profoundly understand their mind. As a result, empaths care for everyone else but themselves. They become “magnets” for negative people that want to take advantage of the empaths’ ability to understand opinions and emotions of others.

However, I want you to know that being an empath doesn’t have to be so negative. You may have not yet realized it, but you have a powerful and beautiful gift. If you learn how to embrace it and channel your empathy, you can use it for spreading kindness, love and positive energy to the world.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • 6 Powerful Methods You Can Use to Control Your Gift (Hint: They Don’t Include “Avoid Social Situations” and “Lock Yourself Up in You House”)
  • The Single Most Effective Thing You Can Do to Shield Yourself From Energy Vampires
  • 11 Most Common Personality Traits of Empaths
  • How To Use a Specific Kind of Negative Thinking to Actually Overcome Your Social Anxiety
  • 20 Statements to Help You Determine if You Really Are an Empath
  • Is an Energy Vampire Preying on You? Here’s How to Find Out
  • How to Find Out if Your Child Is an Empath and What You Can Do to Support
  • A Positive Affirmations Routine That Can Help You Accept Yourself as an Empath and Strengthen Your Abilities
  • How Detoxifying a Certain Area of Your Brain Can Help You Embrace Your Empathic Abilities and Improve Your Sense of Intuition
  • Why in Certain Cases Accepting Negativity Can Actually Help You Feel Better.

Even if right now you feel you have no control over your abilities, I want you to know that you can learn how to manage your empathy and develop your gift in the right way.

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