Dreams Uncovered | A Workbook And Guide to Understanding Your Dreams

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What does my dream mean? Dreams are an essential part of our lives. In their symbolic language, they illuminate our lives. But how do we understand their strange speech? This brief guide to interpreting your dreams explains how, in an easy step-by-step process. In workbook format, the Dream Analysis technique is presented with an explanation of each step and exercises for the reader to complete at the end of every chapter. In this way, anyone can uncover the symbolic meaning of a dream and determine how it relates to waking life. Emerging from the subconscious, dreams highlight our daily deeds and misdeeds. Beyond that, our nightly visions guide us toward constructive behaviors and solutions to life's problems. The better we understand our dreams, the better we can act on them to make vital changes in our lives. About the Author: Robyn Murfin-Roberts, dream analyst and educator, has studied and interpreted dreams for more than three decades. In the early 1980s, she received a bachelor's degree in social psychology and began her work in psychiatric care and other treatment facilities. Teaching behavioral sciences in the community college setting, she continues to guide numerous psychology students through dream analysis projects. She has also led dream workshops in the Central Florida community. Through the years she has interpreted thousands of stories of the night and has developed a step-by-step technique to help others understand their dreams.

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