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Dream Alchemy | Shaping Our Dreams to Transform Our Lives

Dream Alchemy | Shaping Our Dreams to Transform Our Lives

Author: Ted Andrews

Discover safe and easy methods for gaining control of the transformative energy of dreams. Join bestselling author Ted Andrews as he shows you how to stimulate greater dream activity, experience the power of lucid dreaming, discover controlled out-of-body experiences, awaken your inner self, and much more., , Using dream totems and mandalas, exercises in metamorphosis, and ancient dream guardians, this guide to dream alchemy presents the process of becoming a shapeshifter―someone who can shift between the waking and dreaming worlds. When you control your dream state, you can unveil your inner potential, clear the debris from your subconscious, and be inspired to reshape your life for a better future.

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Publisher:Llewellyn Publications
Publish Date:Oct. 8 2015
Edition:Reissue edition
Author:Ted Andrews
Amazon Breadcrumb:Mental Health

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