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Draughts of Remembrance

Draughts of Remembrance

Author: Ann Ree Colton

The result of 35 years of research into the soul and the intimate lives of thousands of persons, Draughts of Remembrance defines the seven-year cycles of life and explains how the memories of past lives are experienced through these cycles. The author discusses how the soul, which is the record-bearer of former lives, works with the inner nature of man to blend and coordinate the works of the present life with the unfinished actions of former lives. Also included are 100 mantramic prayers created to help one 1) meet crisis situations, 2) resolve crystallized conditions from former lives, and 3) channel the grace earned in former lives.

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Publisher:Ann Ree Colton Foundation of
Publish Date:Jan. 1 1997
Author:Ann Ree Colton

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