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Dragons Blood | Asian Resin Incense | Pieces and Powder

Dragons Blood | Asian Resin Incense | Pieces and Powder

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Dragons blood is a resin produced from the fruit of the rattan palm tree, Daemonorops draco. Believed to be cleansing and antifungal, our Dragons Blood incense resin burns fresh and fragrant. 

To use Shamans Market resin incense, ignite a charcoal tablet and place the tablet in a fire-safe burning bowl. You may either set a piece of resin incense directly on top of the hot charcoal table or grind the piece to a fine powder and sprinkle on the glowing tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does dragon's blood smell like?

Dragon’s blood is a sweet, soft-smelling resin, similar to amber but with a more subtle fragrance than common amber. An excellent choice for setting a calming mood, as an incense dragon blood resin is often described as having a rich and luxurious scent.

How do you get dragons blood resin?

Don’t worry: no dragons were harmed in the collection of this dragon’s blood! Unlike essential oils, which need to be processed, this incense is a natural product, sourced from a number of related tropical rattan tree species known as dragon trees. Resin that seeps from the tree’s trunk or branches can be harvested, but this necessitates wounding the tree. Harvesting resin that resin that encases unripened fruit from dragon trees, as this can be done without harming the tree in any way and has been the traditional method for safely and responsibly gathering dragon’s blood for centuries.

What are the benefits of dragon's blood?

Dragon’s blood, like many other incenses and essential oils, has a long and proud history of being used in the spiritual practices of indigenous people around the world. Most well-known for its healing properties, it also offers powerful protection and cleansing, similar to sage. In addition for its use as an incense, dragon’s blood is also used to create ink, which is known to have powerful properties when used in ritual spaces. Because of its strong relationship to physical health, especially women’s health, dragon’s blood has also been used as an ingredient in herbal sachets for healing for thousands of years, predating the Greeks and Romans.

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