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Do-It-Yourself Power Tools | Angelic Technology Manifesting on Earth

Do-It-Yourself Power Tools | Angelic Technology Manifesting on Earth

Author: Hallie Deering
Angelic power tools are interdimensional windows that flood your psychic centers with angelic energy. They are treasured by lightworkers around the world. Find out why.

It takes only a short time to assemble your power tools using the patterns in this book and a few inexpensive supplies found in any stained glass shop. When you are finished you will have ten authentic, versatile angelic instruments for healing, channeling, and self-transformation.

You get ten superb power tools channeled from the Rose Angels:


  • The Inner Eye Disk is for channeling, decision-making, meditation, dreaming, and visions. Everyone should have this disk.
  • The Rainbow Disk energizes both the physical and astral bodies and brings floods of high-frequency energy into a healer's hands.
  • The Light Weaver Disk quickly and easily patches auric holes that leak life force.
  • The Grounding Disk keeps you from getting hazy during psychic work as it anchors astral information down into the physical plane.
  • The Magnet Disk pulls implants and negativity out of the aura and destroys them. An invaluable aid for professional healers.
  • The Pink Rose Disk soothes trauma related to unfulfilled or unhappy relationships and opens the heart to receive divine love.
  • The Red Poppy Disk releases present and past-life sexual trauma and energizes the kundalini life force. The merciful disk.
  • The Exterminator Disk keeps your home or healing room clear of the invasive negative thought forms that saturate our planet.
  • The Archangel Michael Disk provides a channeling window for Michael, whose energy flows through the disk in huge quantities.
  • The Isis Disk is an initiation power tool that jogs past life memories of Egypt and awakens members of the ancient Priesthoods of Light.
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Publisher:Light Technology Publications
Publish Date:Jan. 1 1995
Author:Hallie Deering

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