Discovering her Voice

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Discovering Her Voice shares my journey to becoming a Speech/Language Pathologist. During my career I enabled over 900 children and adolescents to find their individual voices. After years of helping them learn to use their voices, it was my turn to find mine.

The person I am today, is in part, because of the incidents I endured. When I consulted my family, I let them know I would be exposing some of my life experiences. They encouraged me hoping others would be inspired. I thank God every day I didn’t act on my feelings during the lowest and most vulnerable times in my life.

It is O.K. to say NO and stand up for yourself. Not only does it strengthen “you,” but it strengthens those around you. There was a reason I experienced the things I have. I may not have known why I went through the hard times, but they gave me strength and knowledge I would have never received had I not had the experiences.

I strongly recommend this book only be read by mature readers. It contains graphic and disturbing imagery that may not be suitable for anyone under 18.

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