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Discovering Agreement | Contracts That Turn Conflict Into Creativity

Discovering Agreement | Contracts That Turn Conflict Into Creativity

Author: Linda Alvarez

Imagine a contract that--stimulates and supports rapid return to alignment and productivity in the face of unexpected change--inspires side-by-side problem-solving rather than adversarial confrontation when parties disagree--learns with the business as it navigates the ever-changing, digital-speed, modern marketplace.

Discovering Agreement is an innovative approach to generating legally enforceable documents that embed responsive, resilient operating systems into contractual relationships. This practical, easily implemented process empowers parties to build sustainable business relationships, replacing the old-style foundation of distrust and adversarial posturing with one of alignment and affinity – without sacrificing either party's power or credibility.

Using the Discovering Agreement model, parties create documents that support and sustain agile, adaptable business relationships aligned with the core vision and values of the parties. This model provides a safer, more stable and trustworthy foundation for framing and conducting business relationships, enabling parties to create stronger, more sustainable and enjoyable ventures that can endure and prosper in the midst of disagreement or crisis.

With engaging prose, personal stories, real-life examples, and practical guides for conducting negotiations and drafting agreements, Discovering Agreement empowers readers to generate immediate, positive change in their legal interactions and in how the legal system impacts their business relationships. When put into practice, Discovering Agreement has the added potential of catalyzing long-term, systemic change in the legal system itself.

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Publisher:Candescence Media
Publish Date:Oct. 16 2017
Author:Linda Alvarez

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