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Devotion Potion | Butter

Devotion Potion | Butter

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Practice self-devotion, invite in sensuality, and pleasure daily. The moisturizing and magical properties of this herbal vulva butter are an opportunity to connect back to yourself through intimate ritual and attention to your body.

Mugwort helps you stay connected to your magic, yarrow helps uphold your boundaries, calendula and lavender usher in gentle healing, and rosemary move stagnant energy out.

To use, apply a pea size amount of butter to clean fingertips and massage into the labia, vulva, and pubic hair after showering, shaving, and as a daily ritual.

Ingredients: jojoba, sunflower, coconut, olive oil, and cocoa butter infused with rosemary, mugwort, motherwort, yarrow, calendula, lavender, and rose.


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