Destiny on Purpose | How to get what you truly want out of life

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How to get what you truly want out of life?

  • Know what you want
  • Think about what you want
  • Take action in getting what you want
  • Believe you can have what you want
  • Establish Habits that will get you what you want

Author Rich Fontaine remembered the day his life changed and the moment everything began to shift from aimless wondering to complete certainty. To find a direction in life and a knowing on how to get it is the height of confidence and success. All the most successful people, entrainers, athletes, salesmen, entrepreneurs, artists, scientist, sages, wise men and leaders through out history have done 20 underlining things that made them tops in their field, in their business and in life. By reading 50 of the top New York Times and International best selling books about the most successful people ever to cross the planet, it came to this young author that all of them were consciously or unconsciously utilizing these 20 concepts, which has heavily researched for this step by step book on how to get everything you truly want out of life.

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