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Death Rights and Rites | A Practical Guide to a Meaningful Death

Death Rights and Rites | A Practical Guide to a Meaningful Death

Author: Judith Karen Fenley, Oberon Zell

Reclaim the Right to a Sacred, Sustainable Death

Exploring the spiritual and legal aspects of alternative death-ways, home funerals, and green burial Death Rights and Ritespresents practical information and questions for approaching death and dying with a sense of sacred meaning. You will discover ideas for navigating the spiritual and legal issues related to home-based dying, home funerals, and alternative burial methods.

Reverend Judith Karen Fenley offers insights into approaching relevant legal frameworks with respect while assisting your loved one in ways that support the best medical care, the natural environment, and the emotional needs of the community. Explore ideas for memorial services and ways to be open to spontaneous rituals for letting go, preparing for death, being at peace, and more.

It is possible to manifest your deepest values before, during, and after death. Death Rights and Rites shares examples and provides support as you explore final transitions that are environmentally conscious and spiritually meaningful.

Includes a foreword by Jerrigrace Lyons, founder of Final Passages: The Institute of Conscious Dying, Home Funeral & Green Burial Education and an epilogue by Oberon Zell, cofounder of the Church of All Worlds

About the Author

Rev. Judith Karen Fenley (Sonoma County, CA) is an ordained metaphysical minister, a pagan priestess, a certified home funeral guide and death midwife, and a health practitioner. She is a member of the Final Passages Support Council.

Oberon Zell-Ravenheart (Cotati, CA) is a co-founder of the Church of All Worlds (1967), founded Green Egg magazine (1968), is the founder and headmaster of the Grey School of Wizardry, and has written or co-written six books on Neopaganism. A regular at Starwood Festival and INATS, Oberon has appeared in The Daily Mail, Witches & Pagans, PanGaia, and on the radio and television programs Coast to Coast AM and Hidden America.

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Publisher:Llewellyn Publications
Publish Date:Nov. 8 2020
Author:Judith Karen Fenley, Oberon Zell
Amazon Breadcrumb:Social Sciences

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