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Dad's Stories And Other Tales of Balderdash

Dad's Stories And Other Tales of Balderdash

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Author: Thomas Dominick

Dad's stories and tales of balderdash is a descriptive collection of diverse stories that are fun and entertaining. Each story is capable of holding the reader's attention with vivid details and illustrations that reveals the author's personality as a writer. The stories are a pleasant read that will capture well the innocence and trusting nature of growing up in a simpler time.

Thomas Dominick was born three months premature in Miami, Florida and beat incredible odds. Weighing only two pounds at delivery and going into complete cardiac arrest three times within hours of his birth and was not expected to live. By the grace of God and the help of many prayers he is living proof that miracles can happen.Despite beating the odds of survival, he would struggle academically throughout his education.

Reading was so difficult to comprehend that he would be the only one in his fourth-grade class to fail an open book test. Upon graduating high from school, he enrolled in a non-accredited academy that taught the basics of broadcasting and began working as an announcer/engineer for a small station in Virginia.After ending his radio career, he decided that working full-time in broadcast television would suit him better, occasionally working various part-time jobs in radio. Today Thomas is retired and works part-time for a security company in Florida.

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Publisher:Xulon Press
Publish Date:April 16 2020
Author:Thomas Dominick

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