Crystal Ornament

Color: Clear Quartz/Silver
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Crystal Quartz & Amethyst Holiday Ornaments

A cute way to decorate your holiday tree, your home, adorn gifts, top wine bottles with!

Crystal Quartz: For Healing & Spirituality and one of the most powerful healing stones on earth. Energy amplifier. Develops spirituality. Assists to reach transcendental states during meditation.

Amethyst: For Intuition & Calm, Peace & Stability. Neutralizes negative energy, calms the mind and spirit. Facilitates decision making, balances emotional highs and lows.

Gemstones will measure on average 1.5” - 2”.

Please note that since gemstones and wood are natural elements that come from the earth, there can be small variations in their color, shape, etc.

The stones that you will receive will not be the ones shown in the picture, they are an accurate representation of what you will receive.

Please note that real colors may vary slightly from their appearance on your screen.

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