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Can We Talk About Consent? | A book about freedom, choices, and agreement

Can We Talk About Consent? | A book about freedom, choices, and agreement

Author: Justin Hancock, Fuchsia Macaree

What exactly is consent? Why does it matter? How can you respect other people’s boundaries, and have them respect yours? 

Can We Talk About Consent? breaks down the basics of how to give and get consent in every aspect of life for readers aged 14 years and older. It's a powerful word, but not everyone understands exactly what it means. This stylish guide explains clearly why consent matters—for all of us.

With honest explanations by experienced sex and relationships educator Justin Hancock, you'll learn how consent is a vital part of how we connect with ourselves and our self-esteem, the people close to us, and the wider world.

The book covers a broad range of topics, including:

  • how we greet each other 
  • how to choose things for ourselves
  • how we say no to things
  • communicating and respecting choices in sexual relationships
  • the factors that can affect a person's ability to choose
  • how to empower other people by giving them consent

And—there's a whole lot of pizza. 

This guide to consent gives you all the tools you need to build consensual relationships.

Justin Hancock has been a relationships and sex educator for over 20 years. In that time he has worked with thousands of young people in schools, youth clubs, universities, and advice services. Justin created and still works at which is one of the leading relationships and sex education websites for young people over 14, this attracts thousands of people per day. As one young person put it “It’s perfect for young people without being too cringe“. Justin also provides training courses and RSE resources for teachers. He also offers relationships and sex education for an over 18 audience too. He wrote ‘Enjoy Sex (How, when and IF, You Want To)’ with Meg-John Barker, with whom he records the ‘Meg-John & Justin’ podcast.

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      Publisher:Frances Lincoln Children's Books
      Publish Date:Jan. 26 2021
      Edition:Illustrated edition
      Author:Justin Hancock, Fuchsia Macaree
      Amazon Breadcrumb:Social & Family Issues

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