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Human Permaculture | Principles For Ecological & Social Life Design

Human Permaculture | Principles For Ecological & Social Life Design

Author: Bernard Alonso, Cécile Guiochon, Marie Quilvin, Scott Irving

Harness the power of permaculture to change yourself and become a regenerative force for the planet.

As climate change, ecological decline, and social breakdown start to bite, people expect that governments will solve our problems. Yet this belief has proven to be false. Rather than looking to others, changes must come from the inside out: transforming the "I" to "we," changing the world by changing ourselves, and re—establishing our deep connection to nature.

Human Permaculture is a powerful, forward—thinking guide that uses permaculture principles of ecological design rooted in people care, Earth care, and fair share for redesigning your life and community to align with the resources available on the planet.

Richly illustrated and inspiring, Human Permaculture offers specific actions and tools for adopting an ethical, regenerative way of life. Coverage includes:

* Human permaculture principles

* A nine—step ecological and social life design process

* Discovering your personal niche

* Stimulating the permaculture "edge effect" to work with others in efficient teams

* Rediscovering our deep connections to water, soil, forests, and caring for nature.

This guide is for everyone who wants to find their own meaning in life, put their talents at the service of the environment, live ethically, and navigate the great transition we face in a future of climate change and energy decline

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Publisher:New Society Publishers
Publish Date:Sept. 1 2020
Author:Bernard Alonso, Cécile Guiochon, Marie Quilvin, Scott Irving

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