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Coming Out | Insights and Tips for Teenagers

Coming Out | Insights and Tips for Teenagers

Author: Kezia Endsley

Coming Out: Insights and Tips for Teenagers offers compassionate insight into the hows and whys of coming out. Whether you are struggling with coming out yourself or wanting to help a friend or family member, this book seeks to provide answers to some of the questions you may have.

Written from the perspective of the LGBTQIA+ community with firsthand accounts from fellow teenagers, this book addresses the issues and concerns of today that will resonate with anyone wishing to come out and live a happy, fulfilled life surrounded by people who love and accept them.

You will learn

  • how to know when you or a loved one is ready to come out
  • who to tell first
  • how to deal with unsupportive people
  • how to deal with homophobia
  • how to move into loving self-acceptance

With helpful tips and a list of online resources for making connections and more, this book will provide you with all the important information you might need to come out successfully and build a strong relationship with those around you.

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Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Publish Date:Dec 15 2020
Author:Kezia Endsley
Amazon Breadcrumb:Nonfiction

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