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  • Classical Mythology Deck
  • Classical Mythology Deck
Classical Mythology Deck
Classical Mythology Deck

Classical Mythology Deck

Author: Jacques Theron

We all know the names of the Greek and Roman divinities… their stories still inspire and entertain us… but what is their deeper meaning and how do they affect our lives? The Classical Mythology Deck attempts to reflect a full range of human experience through the archetypes of this earth-based and timeless spirituality.

The deck can be used for:

  • Divination… offering insight into the archetypes that influence your inner being and outer life.
  • Meditation large format altar cards create a visual aid helping you connect with chosen Divinities.     
  • Study... learn about the gods, goddesses, their family trees and related mythology.

On each card, the front illustration offers the symbolic information that reveals the nature of each god or goddess. These images stimulate the intuition and allow access to the archetypal realm.

On the back of each card is information relating to each god or goddess  - including principal myths, symbols, divinatory interpretations and self-development affirmations.

The Classical Mythology Deck includes:

  • 9 Primal Gods - such as Gaia & Ouranos…  
  • 14 Titan Gods - such as Kronos & Rhea…
  • 16 Olympians - such as Zeus & Aphrodite…  
  • 5 Information Cards - explain how to use the deck for insight, readings & meditation.    

About the Creator

Jacques Theron first conceived the Classical Mythology Deck in 2005. Since then, he has repainted the card images in oils and fine-tuned the divinatory interpretations - developed after years of experience in readings, courses and research at ancient sites.

Besides being an artist, Jacques is a shamanic practitioner who works extensively with mythology, the Tarot and breathwork. The oil paintings for the cards are inspired largely by Classical sculpture, which are a sacred and timeless expression of the archetypes.


Visit Jacques’ youtube channel for more videos relating to CMD and other subjects.

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Author:Jacques Theron

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