Channeling the Mothership: Messages from the Universe

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Messages from the Universe, , Certified psychic medium and clairvoyant Jerry McDaniel's readings, writings and messages have been received by thousands of people in over 45 countries. These messages have been obtained by channeling his Higher Self, which is connected to all parts of the Universe., , Inside this book you will contemplate topics such as . . . Are we truly alone or are we all connected?Are gifts of psychic, mediumship and clairvoyance a blessing or a curse?How can you tap into your intuitive side?What questions keep you up at night?What is beyond your five senses?What is destroying our free will?Is revenge the same as karma?, , The messages and lessons from some of the readings have been compiled as a way of pushing boundaries of thinking into new areas of awakening and consciousness through mind, body and spirit. This "spiritual metaphysical" approach has been designed so that the walls and blinders are removed and the vision of enlightenment is restored. Get ready, because the Mothership is waiting for you.

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