Calling Back Your Power

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Calling Back Your Power, Your Catalyst for Personal and Spiritual Transformation reveals astounding proof of the healing potential and life-enhancing options of mind, body and spirit. You ll find thought-provoking concepts, universal principles, and rich personal stories that validate universal teachings. Look beyond learned limitations and align with profound, positive change. Own the truth of who you are pure Spirit, pure potential. Leave chaos and choose peace, release worry and embrace faith, joy and success. The teachings of which she writes allowed the author, Suzette Faith Foster, to regain her breath and return to full mobility after having the same injury as Christopher Reeve. Suzette's stories of physical healing also include those of clients who call off scheduled surgery, healed their cancer, got off prescription meds and released pain, depression and addiction. Stories of life changes include marital healing, financial recovery, saving time and money and other examples of how to live an easier life.

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