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Boys Will Be Boys |Breaking the Link Between Masculinity and Violence

Boys Will Be Boys |Breaking the Link Between Masculinity and Violence

Author: Myriam Miedzian

In this book, Miedzian provides a thorough investigation of the numerous factors influencing aggression and violence in American males. In addition, she also provides descriptions and proposals for interventions, social action, and solutions to break the link between masculinity and violence. The book is separated into three major parts: 1) The Problem: The acceptance of violence as a way of life; 2) Toward a Solution: Raising sons for the twenty-first century; 3) Conclusions: Beyond the masculine mystique., , Throughout the book Miedzian emphasizes that because males have a high potential for aggression and violence, every effort should be made to encourage and model for males those qualities that are counter to violence. She illustrates the large extent to which our culture currently (and historically) encourages qualities and values that increase a male's propensity for violence. (From a review of the book by Lori A. Cillo)

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Publisher:Lantern Books
Publish Date:Jan. 1 2002
Author:Myriam Miedzian

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