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Body on Fire | How Inflammation Triggers Chronic Illness and the Tools We Have to Fight It

Body on Fire | How Inflammation Triggers Chronic Illness and the Tools We Have to Fight It

Author: Monica Aggarwal Md, Jyothi Rao Md

In Body on Fire (a newly updated revision of Finding Balance) Drs. Monica Aggarwal and Jyothi Rao help readers make an honest assessment of their energy, lifestyle, dietary habits, and mental state and provide a series of interventions for reclaiming health.

They present in-depth explanations of the dangers of stressors on the body such as sedentary lifestyles, poor diet, and poor sleep habits. Specific plant-based foods that reduce harmful inflammation and nurture healthy digestive organisms are identified. Tools are provided to improve sleep habits, increase activity levels, and achieve adequate hydration. Techniques to increase the mind-body connection are discussed, the benefits of intermittent fasting are covered, and the importance of the microbiome and the impact of the gut on overall health is explored.

Each chapter includes recommendations and action steps. This book is a prescription for restorative health and a roadmap to a stronger, healthier, more vital state of being.

Dr. Monica Aggarwal is board certified in cardiology, echocardiography, and nuclear cardiology. She is focused on educating people about the importance of plant-based nutrition and its benefits in treating and potentially, reversing chronic illness.

Dr. Jyothi Rao has worked in clinical practice since 1997. She is board certified in internal medicine, as well as anti-aging and regenerative medicine. She is the medical director of Shakthi Health and Wellness Center in Maryland.

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Publisher:Book Publishing
Publish Date:Sept. 1 2020
Edition:1st edition
Author:Monica Aggarwal Md, Jyothi Rao Md
Amazon Breadcrumb:Medicine

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