Beyond the Rational Realm | Lifting the Veil of the Spirit World

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There is a realm that is waiting for all of us that have answers to many of life's questions.
This is the world of Spirit, where doors to dimensions and portals to knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment, exists for someone who is willing to lift the veil and learn.
Once you have lifted the veil, there are mindsets that you might struggle with to better understand the Spirit world and that is (hopefully) where this book comes in. 
Each mindset contributes to the Spirit world. If I can lift the veil of the Spirit world, so can you.
Jerry McDaniel is a Clairvoyant, Psychic Medium, Intuitive, awarding-winning author, blogger, and talk show radio host. He holds certifications in Natural Law, Mediumship, Spiritualism, and Remote Viewing. Jerry is a board member of The Sanctuary for Mind, Body, and Spirit located in Orlando, Florida.  He has worked with various organizations such as Helping Parents Heal and From Grief To Hope. Jerry feels it is of the highest privilege to channel loved ones who have passed as well as read the vibrations of the Earth plane in order to see what messages the Universe has in store for the person(s) sitting in front of him. 

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