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Beyond the Pews | Breaking with Tradition and Letting Go of Religious Lockdown

Beyond the Pews | Breaking with Tradition and Letting Go of Religious Lockdown

Author: Backman-Jillian-Maas

In Beyond the Pews, you will follow the fascinating life story of a woman who heard angelic communications and received soulful insights from a world rarely visible to the naked eye. As a child in the church of her minister father, the author saw angels lingering in every space.... tall ones, short ones, chubby ones... and colors encircling people. Transparent colors in every hue of the rainbow poured out before her eyes. After years of processing these faith-based sensory perceptions, she discovered the soul's natural intuitive language., , Intuitive Life Facilitator Jillian Maas Backmnan offers valuable ways for you to connect with your spiritual intuition. Interactive sections offer soul lessons to help you understand your own faith experiences and natural intuitive talents. Explore ways to Chart your Divine Energy Rhythm, find the difference in Art of Doing versus the Art of Being, and learn how to analyze colors seen. This extraordinary book guides you to a deeper awareness of God's constant loving presence in our lives, turning rebirth from a religious dogmatic cocoon into an active awakened etheric butterfly.

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