Be Ye Therefore Wise As Serpents: A Genealogy of Faith

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Be Ye, Therefore, Wise as Serpents is a short work on the genealogy of religion. This book is an amalgamation of belief, history, symbology, religious anthropology, and archeoastronomy. Examination has been made of historically significant events and persons, source texts of many religious systems, and cultural artifacts. The works of writers that have literally spanned the entire history of the written word have helped to form this book, citations and a bibliography have been included Be Ye, Therefore, Wise as Serpents is not just a study on the details of religion, but a journey from darkest prehistory to the world of today. Religion, like anything else, began somewhere and in doing so has left a trail for us to follow, if we are brave enough to accept what we may find. Estimates put the number of religions in the world at around 4,200 distinct systems of faith. What would happen if we discovered that they were all branches of the same stream? That we are all members of the same Household of Faith, but simply preferred different rooms? Be Ye, Therefore, Wise as Serpents is a map to the headwaters of belief. Follow the trail and may you find the answers you seek.

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